05.09.15 : We made the soundtrack for the short film “Noise” by Paul Surety which was nominated for an award at the Portobello Film Festival

21.10.13 : “Love Hate React” Ep  available on iTunes pre-order. Official release date 11.11.13.

06.09.13 : Brian Lucey has yet again done a beautiful mastering job on the forthcoming Ep.

14.08.13 : Ep no.2 on it’s way.

11.03.13 : Ep now for sale at most digital stores. Click here for iTunes

06.03.13 : Video for “Daze” (first track from the Ep) done,dusted and up.

06.01.13 : The video featuring our soundtrack for Louis Vuitton is now up on their website, you can see it by visiting their website (click on “store video”)


03.01.13 : Happy New Year !  May it be loud !  We are currently producing a video to “Daze” as well as writing material for a second EP. Joy.

18.11.12 : EPK video released and up on youtube

14.11.12 :  Music commissioned for Louis Vuitton Denmark

9.11.12  :  Small Town Melodies E.P. finished and due for release in the new year.